2019 Portuguese legislative election - Election monitoring

The Portuguese legislative election of 2019 is around the corner and will take place on the 6th of October, 2019.

I would like to create a campaign and ask for people to submit network measurements from different networks and vantage points in Portugal. This will help to detect any possible interference before, during and after the election procedure.

The network measurements data can be later analyzed in order to find possible blocking of websites or any possible network interference (abnormal network behavior).

For this action I will be using OONI to easily collect network measurements. For privacy reasons no human communication is required with me/us and also I/we 'll not be able to know which person has contributed which network measurements.

The data will be published online (if the users submit the data) for everyone to use and act upon. For more information on OONI data please see: https://ooni.io/data/

OONI is a FLOSS project that cares a lot about its users, please find more information on OONI’s data policy and potential usage risks.

In a glance, the steps for the call for action is the following:

  1. Find a good name for the call
  2. Preparation of a good test-list (for instance a list of all political parties in Portugal)
  3. Creation of a website/online resource with instructions on how users can contribute.
  4. Upon the collection of the results analysis of the data.
  5. Publication of a short blog post and an article

Is this something that you would like to see as a PrivacyLx call to action?


I have now generated an OONI run link, by sharing the following link with any person that has OONI probe installed, then the person will perform network measurements (specifically the OONI web connectivity test) on the list of URLs. The idea is that once we have a landing page people can visit this landing page and start running the tests.

This is an example of such a landing page (in Spanish):

OONI can be installed on Android, iOS, Linux and OS X, please see the installation options:

The python version of ooniprobe has much better features such as daily testing of a list but is now in legacy mode and is not very well support, still works quite well and I use it daily in [lepidopter] (https://github.com/TheTorProject/lepidopter); a Raspberry Pi image that runs OONI network measurements. I will need to create a different version of the test list.

Meanwhile the OONI run links are only compatible with the mobile version (application) of OONI (Google Play, iTunes App Store, F-Droid).

The OONI run link that can be run from a mobile device with OONI Probe installed.

OK I need some help, is anyone good at creating simple web pages or/and graphics?

It will be good if we announce this on the website by tonight/tomorrow so that people can help and provide some measurements.

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I created a script that sets a Web Connectivity test deck for the Portuguese election 2019 and works for the python version of OONI:

Some remotely relevant work from our friends at D3:

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Do you haven an estimation of when we can have the analysis of these results? No pressure :wink: