23rd June | PrivChat with Tor | Online Privacy in 2020: Activism & COVID-19

From the Tor project mailing list:

Next Tuesday, we’re hosting Tor’s very first PrivChat (https://torproject.org/privchat), a live conversation and Q&A event series designed to bring together experts in the privacy, tech, and human rights space + host a platform for the community to ask questions and get answers + raise funds for Tor. You are invited!!!

What: PrivChat with Tor | Online Privacy in 2020: Activism & COVID-19

When: Tuesday, June 23 @ 18:00 UTC / 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific

Where: https://youtu.be/gSyDvG4Z308


  • Carmela Tronsco (EPFL)
  • Daniel Kahn Gillmore (ACLU)
  • Matt Mitchell (Ford Foundation)
  • and facilitated by our very own Roger Dingledine

Fundraising element: Event is free. We are encouraging attendees to consider becoming monthly donors if they feel inspired by the content of PrivChat, but watching is free and there is no registration.

Hashtag: #PrivChatWithTor. Please help us spread the word! Even a retweet from @torproject to your people would be great.

We’d love your support during our first PrivChat.


Oh, cool! I know 3 of these 4 people, so this will be interesting for me.

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