27th September | PrivChat | Protection Against Pegasus

From the Tor project mailing list:

I wanted to send you an invite to a Tor event happening next week: our latest edition of PrivChat. PrivChat is a live event series featuring experts discussing the latest in privacy and human rights news.

PrivChat #5 | Protection Against Pegasus

Every year, governments, law enforcement agencies, militaries, and corporations invest billions of dollars into building and buying malicious spyware–software designed to silently infiltrate a user’s device and allow attackers to view the contents without detection.

This year, the Pegasus Project revealed that users of this kind of spyware, known as Pegasus and built by the NSO group, had targeted the phones that belong to thousands of people in more than 50 countries, including business executives, politicians, journalists, and human rights activists.

In this edition of PrivChat, join Likhita and Etienne Maynier of Amnesty International and John Scott Railton of Citizen Lab to discuss:

  • What individuals, journalists, activists, and human rights defenders can do to protect themselves against sophisticated spyware?
  • What kind of organizations can we support to help stop this abuse?
  • Who is working on safer, more private software that we can trust?

Roger Dingledine, Co-Founder of the Tor Project, will join us as our host and moderator.

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