A wiki for privacy: PersonalData.io

I have been looking for this for ages… and finally found it: a wiki for


It seems to be still in early stages, but so far so good!

More than just a wiki

This is not just a simple wiki. It is also using wikibase, an wikipedia-like feature for data. This means that we can add data and relations between data to make visualizations, find patterns. Take a look at this article to understand what it means.

Above all, it’s a tool for making sense of things in the surveillance world.

Some of their projects include mapping the AdTech industry.

Joining in

Take a look at their current projects and join here.

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Digging a bit more into it and I found a cool application of all of this data aggregation: this is the information about the Uber company (taxi service). There, users contribute (just like in a wiki) to all of the data that the service collects, the data protection officer contact, etc.

And this is their data model or at least what the people on the wiki were able to find out and speculate.

One can then just with a click of a button in the top right corner start an email to request data with all of it already pre-filled from the wikipage’s data. Simply awesome!