Airbnb Is Recommending Surveillance Devices To Make Sure Guests Behave

The author of the article is the founder/CEO of Digital Barriers that develops advanced surveillance solutions for defense, national security and counter-terrorism.

I particularly love when they mention that they are all about privacy. It only detects when there is a party. It doesn’t violate privacy.

Lot’s of things may look like a party. Kids running around in the apartment. And then the owner shows up awkwardly or calls the police when in reality only the parents and their kids were just celebrating one of the child’s birthday.

And it’s interesting to read this after the controversy in China

Airbnb rules allows hosts to operate recording devices but only if they disclose it openly in their rules. :wink:

Surveillance in Airbnb apartments is unfortunately a very casual phenomenon.

They are articles recommending to do run a nmap scan in the network of the rented property, see related discussion in Nmap development mailing list:

Recording devices are quite small and can be very well hidden in other devices. How’s paranoid now?

An Airbnb “superhost” has been arrested and jailed after a guest discovered a camera hidden inside an internet router placed in the bedroom.


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