Beneficiario Efetivo: Lei 89/2017, de 21 de Agosto, regulado pela Portaria nº 233/2018

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Thread: On the last day of the deadline, I complied with my obligations under Law 89/2017, of 21 August, regulated by Ministerial Order 233/2018, of 21 August. For those who do not know, it transposes into national law the 1st European Directive against Money Laundering.

Wrongly the @psocialist proposed a wrong, unfair and bureaucratic transposition that imposes completely disproportionate obligations on literally all legal persons existing in Portugal and not for example only those dealing with large amounts of money.

Literally, even the Association of Friends of the Guild on full moon nights, which does not exist but should, which would deal perhaps with a few hundred euros a year, has the obligations that a multinational economic group that moves billions of euros has.

These obligations include submitting the personal data of the beneficial owner to a database created for this purpose by@justica_en

For example, registration requires the mandatory submission of an email address, which would possibly be particularly disgusting to the eventual Association of People Who Hate Electronic Mail.

This registration, which irritates me deeply and should only be necessary for entities that move large amounts of money, because that is where the risk exists. It annoys me but it is not the most serious, the most serious is that after we register in the database the RGPD is violated.

After having submitted several of my most important personal data, the @justica_en, sent me an email at containing exactly the data that I submitted. Thus intentionally and unnecessarily putting my privacy and security at risk.

Worse still: in the same email, I received data from other people who are part of the same association and who were submitted for registration for the same purpose and to which I did not need to have access. In other words, this is actually a leak of private data.

One thing I assure you, this will not be the case, the @govpt" and the Portuguese State will have to take immediate action and those responsible will have to be held responsible and punished.

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This is a law for “financial transparency” or so they claim. It mandates that any legal entity in Portugal submits the personal info of the board memebers to a public database (but that requires authentication with the citizen card). It is of course terrible in terms privacy any small organization.

In associations, in particular, they have to publish the minute book which contains personal information beyond that of the board members.

This law must be fought!