Briar 1.2 released, support for remote contants

Congratulations to Briar team, the long awaited version 1.2 is finally released. Contacts can now be added by exchanging links.

Briar’s press release

Briar doesn’t required the use of any server but instead users direct encrypted connections between users. More info on how Briar works.

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Awesome! :tada:

For those of you who are not familiar, Briar is a very unconventional messaging application. It doesn’t have central servers and has anonymity to avoid privacy problems of peer-to-peer.

The lack of ability to add contacts without meeting them in person what the biggest problem to really use it I think. So this is quite an improvement.

@vasilis have you tested out the flow of adding a remote contact? If so, how is it?

Not yet, but I would love to add remote contacts.
In case anyone would like to add me as a remote contact please ping or send me a direct message.