Coda Live: Panopticon | Online storytelling event on global surveillance

March 25 - 6 PM CET

In a panopticon, prisoners never know whether or not they are being watched. With modern surveillance systems, everyday life feels very similar.

Coda Live: Panopticon is an online live storytelling event, which brings together stories on surveillance and facial recognition from around the world. We will talk about how this technology is used in China, Russia and Europe.

We will take the audience from Xinjiang, where the Chinese government watches over the Uyghur population, to Russia, where dozens of people were arrested in the underground and in their own homes, following protests in support of an opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In Europe, we will tell the story of a man who has been on a quest to get his face back from an AI company.

Art-activists from Moscow will conduct a live tutorial on how to use makeup to trick facial recognition systems.

People who have personally been affected will tell their stories and Coda journalists will bring them to life with art, music and conversation. The event will feature a moderated discussion with people from all over the world who’ve lived under surveillance.

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If you couldn’t make it, here is a link to the recording.

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