Crowdsourcing a list of Books about Privacy and Surveillance


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The books in this gategory provide a lightweight introduction to the world of privacy and surveillance.

Understanding the theoretical importance of privacy

Understanding the Modern Context of (mass) Surveillance

What can we do?

These books have a tendency to age quickly, so be mindful of the publishing date of the books your read

Other Lists

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Se fores preso, camadara

(If they arrest you, Comrade)

It’s a guide for the hidden communists, if they happened to be arrested and interrogated. I’m sure there’s other communist and carbonara bibliography regarding privacy.

And perhaps you would like to peruse the biblio of this masters:

(masters in information war by the military academy of lisbon)

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Oh wow. It’s quite a strong one. I you happen for find one about privacy in those archives where you found this one, put it up here :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to find that master’s bibliography. Do you know where I can find it? War is not really my thing (quite the opposite), but there might be something cool in the suggested books.

Another great one:

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Where do you usually get these books?

I usually I like to buy these anonymously because nobody has the right to know what I’m reading. And I tend to prefer physical copies which I usually get through Fnac.

If I can’t find a physical copy, then I pirate them.

Once I know a way to get them legitimately without associating my name with that purchase, I will get them legit online. But until then…

Surveillance studies - David Lyon

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Added :slight_smile:

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Added these to the list following suggestions here on the forum.

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It’s now on my reading list! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I’ve also added it to the first post (under “non-fiction > understanding the modern context”)

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Thanks @pixel_libre :slight_smile:

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