Crowdsourcing a list of videos and channels about Privacy and Surveillance

Note 1: Many of these channels are hosted on youtube which is a platform from google that surveills its users. To reduce your exposure to tracking use instread (youtube front-end alternative)

Note 2: youtube tends to shadow-ban videos that task about privacy. To follow these channels, visit them regularly instead of subscribing.

We have also other lists.

General privacy videos

Warning: youtube! If you want to watch them in a bit more privacy-friendly way replace “” with “” (it’s an alternative front-end)

The hated one

More context on this channel here.

Sun Knudsen

Naomi Brockwell

She does videos on privacy and cryptocurrencies

Rob Braxman


Alternatively see this on youtube


A french channel focused on privacy-protecting technologies

Recommended talks

Privacy technical conferences

Outro video Ted Talk de Marta Peirano “La vigilancia es un problema colectivo, como el cambio climático”(2019)

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Vou ver essa. Obg! A Marta Peirano é bastante awesome e muito clara.

Tenho este livro dela:

Tem uma boa intro (e prefácio do Snowden), mas depois como é sobre ferramentas, facilmente ficou desatualizado.

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Não conheço nenhum livro dela, mas vi que lançou este em 2019.

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Nice! Quero ler.

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LATE MOTIV - Marta Peirano. El enemigo conoce el sistema | #LateMotiv657

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Facial Recognition: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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this one too:

Though the majority is not privacy-related

I like this talk by Aral Balkan:

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@core 'n all
This one is just stating at PeerTube.

… by the way, I follow DJ Ware and TheLinuxGamer, even though privacy is not is not always the main subject.


This course is quite cool!

I found this one too

This video is so freaking good:



International Grand Committee hearing on big data, privacy, and democracy

Tem algumas participações interessantes.

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Surveillance in an Era of Pandemic and Protest

A live chat with Naomi Klein, Shoshana Zuboff, and Simone Browne.

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