Ethical Ads: a (centrury-old) alternative to AdTech

We’re doing newspaper advertising, on the internet. For a hundred years, newspapers put an ad on the page, some folks would see it, and advertisers would pay for this. This is our model.


More readings on this here: and here

I have also seen articles questioning the value of adtech, or at least suggesting traditional advertising is a reasonable alternative. Here’s one that I found on a quick search:


Thanks for the pointer! I had actually seen someone reference this in a discussion but later I was never able to find it again.

If the efficacy of the whole adTech industry is called into question and some big companies shift their budgets to less targeted (but apparently more effective means of advertising) then it the whole monster of surveillance capitalism would have been an epic market mistake and would make it implode!

Speaking of this, yesterday I saw this Twitter post about someone claiming to make money by buying Internet traffic and then selling ads on those pages at a higher price:


amazing, thanks for sharing. not sure why I never taught of this. I sometimes come up with interesting app ideas then give up on them thinking I have no way of ethically monetising them.