Google: You can trust us with the medical data you didn’t know we already had

Google now has access to detailed medical records on tens of millions of Americans, but the company promises it won’t mix that medical data with any of the other data Google collects on consumers who use its services.

Nothing stops Google from collecting data from other countries as well, I guess many medical centers are exclusivery using Google services to handle medical data.

What can Google see? Pretty much everything
Patient data shared with Google includes names, birth dates, addresses, family members, allergies, immunizations, radiology scans, hospitalization records, lab tests, medications, medical conditions, “and some billing claims and other clinical records,” according to a followup article in the Journal. The partnership “covers the personal health records of around 50 million patients of Ascension,” the Journal wrote.

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This sounds to me like google’s project to read every student’s emails, notes and thoughts:

They’ve been making contracts with tons of schools and universities. I can tell you from my experience it’s like from day to night we start getting all assignments in google docs and other tracking software.

But I believe heath data may have more serious consequences