[Help needed] Forum feedback: Quick survey

Hi! We wanna understand what’s stopping people from participating on the forum.
Let us know by answering the anonymous survey (2 minutes!)


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I dont think there is a problem with the forum. I think the questioning is wrong. The question should be “We wanna understand what’s stopping people from participating in privacyLX”. And i think as mundane as it is, the answer is simple: lack of time and priorities. Most of us have full time jobs or students or both at the same time. The ones who are not any of the latter, I am still sure they have many other worldly things to worry about. And when people have some free time, they wanna do other leisurely activities. Lets admit PrivacyLx has not been much fun to be part of for the past few months. It takes so much time to go through the threads and read the posts. Also, since the creation of the association, there is an endless stream of bureaucratic problems, (in my personal opinion) unnecessary internal meetings and unnecessary discussions/dwellings on how to perfect the internal structure further. We have been creating a lot of noise and it feels too much. My own two cents would be, lets further minimize (if we can) the platforms we use to communicate. Lets stop moving platforms (not sure how logical it was to move from signal to matrix but now it is done), lets keep things more traditional such as calls, real life meetings since they seem to be actually working the best. Lets not forget that people like to be part of associations like ours to have fun/socialize while engaging in activities they are interested in/passionate about. They dont want a part time job where they dont even get paid.

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I agree with you. Moving IRL may do us good (as well as actually dedicating time to what what we wanna do an not bureaucratic bs)

Luna, you nail it! Let’s grow first, and then care about the (important) details, even if we can’t satisfy everyone’s demands in the short run…

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