Hong Kong protests: people are waking up and fighting surveillance

It’s sad to see what is going in in Hong Kong but also hopeful at the same time


Hong Kong people are waking up for the dangers of surveillance and fighting it. See this video!

Some background

Short version: HK (ex-British colony) has supposedly independence for another 50 years, but china is imposing its dominance. People there have western values of freedom and they want to be able to choose who rules them as well as many other liberties.

It is also important to mention that hong kong is a highly surveilled city with tons of cameras in public spaces (some people in other places feel safer when there are cameras around; but when you, your family and friends are the target of those cameras, not so much!)

What does this have to do with surveillance and privacy?

Most people in western countries just don’t care about privacy because they are not aware of how harmful information about them in the wrong hands can be.

But there things are changing… The protests have a decentralized nature and there are lots of digital security knowledge being shared.

Take a look at this video that shows the peak of the iceberg of what is going on there:

Let’s dig deeper

If any of you has an interest on digging deeper on this story, please share with us on this thread your findings! (blogs, videos, articles

Here’s a video from the Wall Street Journal covering some of their counter-surveillance strategies. We should really learn from them!

And here’s a nice (and very recent!) documentary on the topic:

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That sounds interesting @miNIx! Thanks for sharing!

I know that another technique that can be used to evade facial recognition is facial paintings with specific patterns.