Internet Society Chapters Training Program 2020


Deadline: Fill out the form by February 25, 2020.

Training content and previous knowledge requirements:

  • Shaping the Internet: This training is based on Internet Governance principles and main concepts. No previous knowledge is required.
  • Securing Global Routing: This training is about routing security. It is recommended for network administrators, network engineers, or other technical persons with a working knowledge of routing and security. The training explains basic steps to improve a network’s routing security. Technical background as listed above is mandatory for this training.
  • Building Community Networks: This course provides a solid foundation on how to build wireless community networks, fostering collective and sustainable endeavors. It covers important topics such as wireless network standards, radio physics, practical network planning, IP network administration, radio device configuration, securing wireless networks, and more. This course is recommended for professionals with basic technical background.
  • Open Standards Everywhere: This training is less than five hours length and it will cover best practices to secure web services. Technical background is mandatory. Basic knowledge in IPV6 and DNS is required. Trainee must have direct access to Chapter web server.
  • Encryption: This training is less than five hours in length and it will cover basic concepts about encryption and our encryption toolkit.

Content of the trainings will be available here:

Confirmed: the Portuguese chapter will also take place to the training program of 2020.

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Previous MANRS Course (21/11/2019) that took place in Costa da Caparica, Portugal


Reminder: The deadline for applications is today.