Mobile phone privacy studies?

I am searching for studies and research (academic or not) on the mobile phone privacy implications. Not necessarily specific to software but also hardware.

Do you have any suggestions?

I’m not to deep into mobile stuff but I’d like to learn more. If find something interesting , please share :slight_smile:

Here are a few things

Exploration of Apps’ Circumvention of the Android Permissions

and the respective paper

I also hear that google is developing another mobile operating system with a different permissions model called “Google Fuchsia”. But we all know google is evil!

Privacy International research on fb SDK

And another one by privacy international

AnarchoTechNYC Android forensics study group

I don’t know much about them. Maybe @kgallagher does. But they apparently are a collective that has an android forensics study group and they’ve gathered some resources on their wiki

Exodus Privacy

You probably already know this one, but I’ll mention it either way:

Also, for the people who are into iPhones. It is to be expected that from now on there will be a lot more research about how apps violated people’s privacy due to this flaw:

Thanks @core nice collection of resources.

I’m also looking on the fundamental hardware issues of mobile phones such as mobile phone tracking. I would start by reading Wikipedia’s article and follow its references:

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You mean like by the telcom operators? Recently I’ve been reading some papers on location privacy which directly relates to that. Although that Wikipedia page does seem to provide a better picture than some overview papers.

About mobile tracking by the network operators, I there is a paper in particular that shows just how trackable we are. Basically it concludes that with only 4 locations of your whereabouts they could identify 95% of individuals