(New) Forum White theme

(New) White theme

There are some people that do prefer a white theme, which is understandable. So here it is!

How to change to the white version

On the hamburger menu up at the top there is now an option to select the theme

Dark Theme

This is the default one. It’s here just for contrast.

Context for change

This comes from the following github issue:

As always, if you want to submit an issue just go to our issue tracker.

Let’s make an anonymous vote on what should be the default. All are welcome to vote!

What should be the default theme for new users?

  • Dark Theme
  • White Theme

0 voters

I’ve now changed the default theme to the white one, because I feel it looks nice and most websites have the white them by default, it seems. But if people don’t like it, I can change it back. Just anwser the poll above