New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS

Basically, someone with your phone number exclusively would be able to

  • Retrieving targeted device’ location and IMEI information,
  • Spreading mis-information by sending fake messages on behalf of victims,
  • Spying on victims’ surroundings by instructing the device to call the attacker’s phone number,
  • Spreading malware by forcing victim’s phone browser to open a malicious web page,
  • [etc.]

And there is evidence that some governments are doing this. I was trying to reach some PT telcos to know if they are affected.

Most probably this vulnerability will stay for a long time (citing same article):

As a potential victim, it appears, there is nothing much a mobile device user can do if they are using a SIM card with S@T Browser technology deployed on it, except requesting for a replacement of their SIM that has proprietary security mechanisms in place.

Which ISPs did you contact?
Perhaps we can make a formal formal request as PrivacyLx?