Practices of Surveillance Around the World

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for my thesis work about surveillance capitalism, I’m now interested in researching about different surveillance, privacy, monitoring, control practices around the world.

I’m kind of trying to look into the practices that are taken place in or from the “western countries” in order to show that China is not the only surveillance reality of our modernity.

I will write about them by creating a categorisation of the information by countries or by type of device/practice. Either way, I will like to know any other person that might want to research about it together or pitch in some article, video, materials, academic ideas.

One example of devices/practices is the IMSI catchers or also the Cambridge Analityca example.

I will leave down here one link about IMSI catchers in the UK:

And also another video suggested by @core:

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Widespread use of IMSI catchers

You may also find interesting examples of surveillance (not necessarily for capitalistic purposes, though) in this non-profit online publication (look on their archives)