Privacy Escape Room (Idea)

I just read an article by the publication retina of El Pais (Spanish Newspaper) that show people the impact of the data they are giving away.

An escape room (in case not all are familiar) is a game, where people are placed in a room and need to do detective-like work in order to exit it. This one places the visitors in the mind of a cracker (bad hacker) and nudges people into using personal data in evil ways in order to get out.

It sounds like a really cool idea to pass the message of how important personal data is and how it can be misused. Also, if we ever want to raise funds for the association, doing this might be a possibility. There are even already some escape rooms throughout Lisbon

The exit from this imaginary bunker thus becomes a metaphor for the discovery of the real implications of an increasingly digital life. The kids leave that cave where the easiest thing is to think that there’s nothing wrong with selling one’s privacy, as long as you get something in return; and they learn that by giving up part of it, it’s better to protect it as much as possible.
– translated from the original article with deepl