Secret consumer score data

This come often as a question: What companies do with our data?
Especially when companies are selling/giving away these to third parties without your knowledge.

Sift knew, for example, that I’d used my iPhone to order chicken tikka masala, vegetable samosas and garlic naan on a Saturday night in April three years ago. It knew I used my Apple laptop to sign into Coinbase in January 2017 to change my password. Sift knew about a nightmare Thanksgiving I had in California’s wine country, as captured in my messages to the Airbnb host of a rental called “Cloud 9.”


It’s quite nice to see online publications teaching consumers how they can get shocked from their own data. I really hope this kickstarts some legal actions or a backlash… But I’m afraid it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks for sharking @vasilis!