Server Status Updates

We host a Videoconferencing service, which we offer to some other civil society organization with limited capacity.


This page show information on any scheduled maintenance work, which will mean the service may be unavailable during those times.

Past Announced Maintetenance periods

  • 26th September (9am UTC - 2pm UTC)


The upgrades on the forum are made without warning.

In case you have any question, please get in touch with us preferably on the forum: Server Status Updates

What are the hardware requirements for BigBlueButton? I’ve seen what they recommend (e.g. 16 GB of RAM is better, and bare metal server), I was just curious about the experience of a real life (small) instance.

In reality they are less strict. 8GB of ram should be enough for a small instance. We’re running it in a virtualized environement and it runs mostly fine. But I wouldn’t push it beyond 50 users in a call.

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