Server Status Updates

:warning: Note Our BigBlueButton service will stop at the end of June 2022.

We host a Videoconferencing service, which we offer to some other civil society organization with limited capacity.

BigBlueButton (

This page show information on any scheduled maintenance work, which will mean the service may be unavailable during those times.

Past Announced Maintenance periods

  • 28th May 2021 (12:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC)
  • 26th September 2020 (9am UTC - 2pm UTC)
  • 8th November 2021 (7PM-8:25PM UTC) - due to server issue
  • 6th December 2021 (15:30 - 16:30 UTC) - Update reboot

Forum (

The upgrades on the forum are made without prior warning (best effort).

In case you have any question, please get in touch with us preferably on the forum: Server Status Updates

What are the hardware requirements for BigBlueButton? I’ve seen what they recommend (e.g. 16 GB of RAM is better, and bare metal server), I was just curious about the experience of a real life (small) instance.

In reality they are less strict. 8GB of ram should be enough for a small instance. We’re running it in a virtualized environement and it runs mostly fine. But I wouldn’t push it beyond 50 users in a call.

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