The Deep Sweep (2015): High-altitude Signal Research

The Deep Sweep is an aerospace probe scanning the otherwise out-of-reach signal space between land and stratosphere, with special interest placed in UAV/drone to satellite communication.
Taking the form of a high-altitude weather balloon, tiny embedded computer and RF equipment, The Deep Sweep project is being developed to function as a low-cost, aerial signal-intelligence (SIGINT) platform. Intended for assembly and deployment by public, it enables surveying and studying the vast and often secretive world of signal in our skies.

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Something in particular got my attention: they used analog-tech surveillance to avoid detection by radar systems

in other words… they used surveillance tech for surveillance evasion. Noted!

It was built from two ‘fisheye’ surveillance mirrors. This is significant for us.

They exist in the supermarkets of some countries and it’s simply a round-shaped mirror.