Very Dangerous: The PT govt uses counter-terrorism law to surveil crowdfunding platforms

This is a constant trend. Just a while ago it was also reported that the tax authority in Portugal would have access to the all of the passenger records (where you’ve been).

Here’s the article:

ASAE (Inspection Authority) has now the right to inspect online crowdfunding platforms to make sure they keep records of everyone who supports a project including: name, address, etc.

So the problem comes before that with the “counter-terrorism law” (EU I think) that mandated the collection in the first place. This is just a reality check!

Why is this problematic?

If people know someone is watching they are less willing to seek out information or support causes that they believe in for the fear of reprisal.

Some examples where people would possible not endorse knowing there could be consequences:

The law that approved such actions was this one:

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