When advertisers are forced to go cookieless

Third-party cookies are probably going away with a Google’s decision to disable that useless thing on browsers. Other browsers had already done this. But since Google owns the monopoly on browsers (almost!) it makes the news.

But many other alternatives exist. Fingerpritning has existed for years. See a (dystopian) conversation from and advertiser’s blog:

Also, subscribe to The Markup, which is where I learned some context on the changes:

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Google maybe killing third-party cookies, but they already have an alternative for tracking users:


Thanks. I had seen that as well. But I think that’s just a facade. They can already track users.

They know what they are doing. They wouldn’t make a bold privacy-looking move if they had not already the plan figured out. For example, if the W3C concensus goes against the FLoC idea and that were to be the only arm they had in their arsenal, they wound’t drop a feature if they didn’t have absulte guarantees over other privacy featues.

Also from what I understand FLoC is something the browser sends. So, quite lowly effective if it could be all zeroed out. So, again, another note that it’s probably just a facade.

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