[Documentary] Information: What are they looking at

A fresh new short documentary about privacy has just been released by Theresia Reinhold.

“Information” showcases the threats created by the appalling misuse of modern technology in an ideological fight legitimized by the false dichotomy of freedom vs. security. It shifts the representational power from discourse dominating white men towards the expertise of women and people of color.


(find the documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUVmQQ5ZaPQ)

I highly recommend this to anyone interested in taking a deep dive into the importance of privacy. The speakers are an excellent selection and even though it’s just 30 mins, it’s very intense

This has been in the makings for some years now, see here some of the earlier talks about it. Theresia has also showed a teaser for this in FNF 2018.