Crowdsourcing a list of Documentaries about Privacy

Anyone can edit this post, so feel free to add films you think are missing. We have also other lists.





Do Not Track is a personalized documentary series about privacy and the web economy.




The following one might be hard to come across (due to copyright censorship). Watch a short clip of it here.

short docs:

Watch on youtube.

(To watch the above link you may need to be in France or avoid geoblocking. Someone reuploaded it into youtube here)


Did you leave the The Great Hack out on porpuse?

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I totally forgot to add that one. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:
Do you want to be the one adding it?

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I tried editing the post but I didn’t see the “Edit Wiki” in the bottom. I’m suggesting the documentary “Nothing to Hide”, from 2017, which is available in several PeerTube instances:

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Olá @paulo! Bem-vindo!

Nice! I don’t even know how I had forgotten about that documentary. Thanks!

It’s on the top right corner (instead of the bottom one). I you can’t find it still, I can add it later!


I even coordinated a projection of that movie xD in Lisbon though it ended up being shown ownly internally for people at a university.

Here’s the poster if you’re interested:

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added new docs:

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Yes, that was it, I can see the button now. Thanks, I’ll add the documentary then.

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Totally awesome documentary. Didn’t add anything new to me but the quality it has and the conversation it’s going to generate are going to be epic.