Introduction to QubesOS

Hi all. At PrivacyLx we’ve got quite a group of Qubes users and I think this would be a great time to introduce to new members of this forum to this operating system.

It’s has a radically different approach to security. It uses compartmentalization to separate one’s life. It’s as though you had many different laptops for the various things you do in life (work, personal, banking, etc.) but a lot more convenient.

I should warn, though that it’s not yet ready for mass adoption, but if you’re willing to give a way a bit of convenience for a whole lot of security and have a modern and beefy computer, you should definitely give it a try.


There is a very recent video by the youtube channel “Explaining Computers” about it: (warning: youtube! - click here for “”)

For a more in-depth introduction check out the Qubes website

And also read their documentation which is quite good and detailed.

Qubes workshops / Talks

I’ve organized talks about Qubes in the past

and also a lighning talk in the FreedomNotFear unconference two years ago.

And I also think it would be pretty nice to make a QubesOS meetup: (I’ve got some Qubes sticker to give away!)

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