Kanban on the forum: a way to see the progress on tasks

:partying_face: This is finally active!

(ler em Português aqui)

After “months” of testing it has finally been agreed to release this. It’s a way of tracking the tasks easily on the forum. They are classified as to-do, in-progress, needs-help and done and making something into a task is as easy as adding a tag with one of those words to the post.

It looks like the following:

All tasks

You can find this on the How you can help button at the top of the main page of the forum.

Only tasks for members

For stuff that only concerns the members of the association, the tasks will be internal topics. In order to view only these, you only need to go #privacylx-internal.

Programming-related tasks

Don’t forget that we also have tasks related to the development of the website, forum and infrastructure. Those are available on github:

It is possibly that some duplication will exist but let’s try to keep tasks about the organization on the forum and ones about development on github with the possiblity of adding a duplicating those here (just the first post and a link to the related github issue) just so we have a pointer an can include it on the regular task management.