Surveillance-subsidized tech


I guess @vasilis has been posting a bunch of stuff about tech being cheap because its cost is supported by the surveillance of its users. It sounds almost surreal how we got to this point, but this is the reality.

At Privacy International has been doing some research on this topic, exposing the surveillance in developing countries like India, where the average person would not afford a phone, unless it surveilled its user. Take a read:

Why would they be doing this?

In the tv industry nowadays profit margins are low and people only make a purchase when the old stuff breaks (because the industry has made repairing unfeasible).

In other words, they sell products (done once). On the other hand, collecting data about people and selling that to someone else (or derivatives of that - processed data) allows for a constant stream of money (even if low) which subsidizes (and may even pay for) the cost of said product.

If you wanna read up more on this, take a look at this book:


I think we can safely assume IoT (Internet of Trash) is going to invade people’s homes and they will have little concern about them because there isn’t enough awareness of the issues of surveillance.

From my experience, It’s reasonably easy to convince someone that they wouldn’t want a camera on their living room that is always on. The hard part is to convince that the camera that they have on their TV is always on.